73 East Front St.
                                           Hancock, NY 13783
                                           (607) 637-2330

May 3, 1998

Dear Hancock Resident:

             RE: Proposed Hancock School-Based Clinic     

Please read the included 4/22 letter to Superintendent Richard 
Dillon regarding a proposed school-based clinic in Hancock.  The 
preliminary NYS budget passed by the Legislature included 
$40,000 for Bassett Hospital to open a school-based clinic here. 

Please contact the Hancock School Board and/or individual 
members and urge them to nip this idea in the bud now.  School-
based clinics were a controversial part of the failed Clinton 
Health Care Rationing Plan.  Areas of concern include 
reproductive health care, medical liability lawsuits, funding 
after the initial grant, and a dilution of the school's 
educational mission.  Our schools are having enough problems 
educating our youth, we don't need to get involved in 
comprehensive health care that can include contraceptives and 
abortion referrals both without parental knowledge or consent. 
Thank you. 


Edward Szymkowiak

School Board & Superintendent Richard Dillon, Hancock Central 
Schools, Read St., Hancock, NY 13783, 637-2511, fax: 637-2512 

Frank Brown, RD1 Box 228B, Hancock, NY 13783 1-914-887-5591
Harvey English, PO Box 18, Fishes Eddy, NY 13774, 637-3492
Ruth Vitale, RD1 Box 181D, Hancock, NY 13783, 637-3532
Terry Whitt, PO Box 561, Hancock, NY 13783, 637-2413
Robert Wrighter, Sr., PO Box 608, Hancock, NY 13783, 637-9926
Edward Brooking, RD1 Box 177, Mt. Pleasant PA 18453

May 19th School Board Election.  Mr. Whitt is challenged by:
Linda K. O'Brien, Box 161, Rt. 97, Hancock, NY 13783, 637-4567  
Mr. Wrighter is challenged by:
Kathleen Judd, RD1 Box 200, Hancock, NY 13783 

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