Hancock, NY 13783
                                            May 7, 1998

Dear Editor:

After reading the article in the "Walton Reporter" on May 6, 
about the possibility of a school-based clinic in Hancock, I 
thought readers might be interested in the following quotes from 
the National Conference of Catholic Bishops' "Statement on 
School-Based Clinics" (11/18/87). 

"Although many school-based clinics provide for some form of 
parental consultation, this often consists of a signature 
approving unlimited clinic visits of an unspecified nature for 
an entire school year or even for an entire term of study.  
Confidentiality is invoked to bar parents from reviewing their 
children's  records and from learning of specific visits, 
services or prescriptions"(p.7).

And on the issue of contraception and abortion-related services 
the Bishops state: "In some cases clinic advocates have agreed 
initially not to provide these services, only to re-introduce 
them after the establishment of a school-based clinic.  
Skepticism regarding the overall agenda of the school-based 
clinic campaign is therefore warranted" (p.13).


Mary Chase

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