September 14, 1997


SIDNEY, NY - On Sept. 13, about 85 people gathered in a 45-min. 
protest as Planned Parenthood Association of Delaware & Otsego 
Counties (PPADOC) formally opened its new clinic at 37 Pleasant 
St. in Sidney, NY.  The ribbon-cutting took place at 2 pm on the 
front porch of a building that was once a Catholic convent as 
protesters lined the sidewalk across the street holding signs, 
singing hymns and praying. 

Joining the protest was James Sedlak, the founder and president 
of STOPP Planned Parenthood International.  Mr. Sedlak's 12-year 
crusade has sparked opposition to Planned Parenthood worldwide 
via his books, tapes, media interviews and numerous speaking 
engagements.  In 1995, the Vatican recognized his efforts by 
inviting him to a congress for pro-life issues in Rome. 

A Sept. 13 WBNG-TV-12 (Binghamton, NY) report on the Sidney 
protest included an interview with Debra Marcus, PPADOC's 
executive director.  Marcus said, "These people who oppose 
abortion, frankly, should be the biggest supporters of Planned 
Parenthood because Planned Parenthood, here and nationwide, does 
more to avert the need for abortion than any other agency." 

Mr. Sedlak's response to such a claim is that it is a deadly 
deception.  Planned Parenthood Federation of America's (PPFA) 
own data for '94 -'95 indicated that it made nearly $110 million 
per year selling birth control products.  Planned Parenthood 
creates a demand for these products via the sex education it 
promotes in schools.  As promiscuity thus rises, so does the 
number of unintended pregnancies due to contraceptive failure.  
Planned Parenthood then turns to surgical abortion 
(133,289/year: PPFA ANNUAL REPORT '94-'95) as a back-up.  In 
addition, the so-called contraceptive drugs and devices Planned 
Parenthood profits from act, a significant percentage of the 
time, by preventing the implantation of the already conceived 
human being in the womb.  Thus, even those Planned Parenthood 
affiliates that do not commit surgical abortions do cause early 
chemical and IUD abortions by their products. 


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