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     New York State Medicaid Funds to Planned Parenthood (SFY 1995)
     The following information regarding New York State Medicaid payments 
to Planned Parenthood affiliates is taken from the April 1995 - March 
1996 (State Fiscal Year 1995) statewide Management and Administrative 
Report System (MARS) Report MR-0-19.  This "MARS 19" was obtained from 
the New York State Dept. of Social Services in the summer of 1996 under 
the NYS Freedom of Information Law.  Subsequent to that request, in the 
fall of 1996, the NYS Dept. of Health became the custodian of such 
reports.  "MARS 19" data is also available in a county specific format 
and can be obtained by using the attached form letter addressed to the 
NYS Dept. of Health.
                          Table 1
Provider Type Category: Clinic - Freestanding
Apr'95 - Mar'96 NYS "MARS 19" pages 97-120
Provider Name/Number                    No. of Claims     Total Payment
*Margaret Sanger Ctr 00244642              30,215            $5,051,011
Planned Parenthd Westchester 00394752      14,732            $1,641,783
Planned Pthd Hlth Svc N E NY 00473643      10,359            $1,071,020
Planned Prthd Rochester/Genes 00382403      7,953              $891,103
Planned Parenthood of Nassau 00385135       5,545              $764,329
Planned Parenthood Ctr Syracu 00350954      7,224              $654,615
Planned Prthd Orange-Sullivan 00277216      6,203              $550,838
Upper Hudson Planned Parent 00301139        5,143              $547,620
Planned Parenthood Suffolk Co 00473161      4,863              $522,299
Pland Parent Broome-Chenengo 00303291       4,958              $461,819
Planned Parenthood Mohawk Val 00303273      5,231              $407,070
Planned Prthd of Northern NY 00583697       4,329              $389,669
Planned Parenthood of Niag Co 00474960      4,780              $351,396
Planned Prthd Duchess Ulster 00245258       3,523              $349,549
Planned Parenthood So Tier 00362836         3,014              $314,877
Planned Prthd Buffalo Erie 00474906         3,829              $302,214
Planned Parenthood of Tompkin 00362863      2,141              $225,711
Northern Adirondack PP Inc 00583748         2,031              $192,557
Planned Prthd Delaware-Otsego 00468777        721               $49,951
**Fam Planning Svcs Finger Lake 00355371      307               $26,584
Totals                                    -------             ---------
                                          127,101           $14,766,015
                          Table 2
Provider Type Category: C/THP (Child/Teen Health Program)
Apr'95 - Mar'96 NYS "MARS 19" pages 860-926
Provider Name/Number                    No. of Claims     Total Payment
Planned Parenthood of Niag Co 00474960      3,535              $248,894
Planned Prthd of Northern NY 00583697         707               $72,384
Planned Pthd Hlth Src N E NY 00473643         701               $67,697
Planned Parenthood Mohawk Val 00303273        939               $60,712
Planned Parenthood Ctr Syracu 00350954        713               $54,123
Planned Prthd Rochester/Genes 00382403        314               $31,270
Planned Prthd Delaware-Otsego 00468777        306               $25,979
*Margaret Sanger Ctr 00244642                  87               $12,350
Planned Parenthood of Nassau 00385135          23                $3,171
Northern Adirondack PP Inc 00583748            31                $3,032
Planned Parenthood So Tier 00362836             3                  $294
Upper Hudson Planned Parent 00301139            2                  $192
Planned Parenthood of Tompkin 00362863          1                  -$89
Totals                                     ------              --------
                                             7362              $580,009
                          Table 3
Provider Type Category: Prepaid Care
Apr'95-Mar'96 NYS "MARS 19" pages 1392-1406
Provider Name/Number                    No. of Claims     Total Payment
         (TASA = TeenAge Services Act)
Planned Prthd Orange Sull TASA 01057056     9,382              $357,941
***Circle Adol Preg Prog TASA 01062844      1,778               $68,660
CMP Planned Prthd Suff C TASA 01080455      1,478               $60,266
Totals                                     ------             ---------
                                           12,638              $486,847
The combined totals from all 3 tables above are 147,101 claims for 
     Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests to counties throughout 
New York and other related research has revealed the following information.
     1) The above reported amounts were paid by the state Medicaid 
Management Information System (MMIS) through the Computer Sciences 
     2) Each county is "charged back" a local share of all Medicaid 
expenditures.  One county supplied this writer with a copy of the NEW 
(Feb. 1, 1991, Vol. I, Chap. 1, p. 10) which states:
      "Medical Assistance expenditures, Federally participating, are 
generally funded at 50 percent Federal, 25 percent State and 25 percent 
Local.  Federal participation pertains to certain groups of persons as 
described in Department Regulation 360.11  For other Medical Assistance 
recipients which are not in the Federally participating groups, their 
medical assistance expenditures would be funded generally at 50 percent 
State and 50 percent Local.  Additionally, medical services for Family 
Planning paid on behalf of Federally eligible recipients are funded at 90 
percent Federal, with the remaining 10 percent being split equally 
between the State and Local governments."

     3) Delaware County Social Services Commissioner William Moon has 
publicly stated that the County picks up 50 percent of the cost of 
Medicaid abortions with the State picking up the other 50 percent. 
(DELAWARE COUNTY TIMES, 3/1/96, p. 1).
     4) Part 463 of 18 NYCRR, the New York State Social Services 
regulations regarding family planning, requires local county departments 
of social services to provide medical, educational, and social family 
planning services.  Surgical abortion is not included under this law's 
definition of family planning; however, it does not address the issue of 
known abortifacient drugs, many of which masquerade as "contraceptives".  
Thus there seems to be no prohibition against funding such abortion 
causing drugs under Part 463.
     5) The article referenced above (#3), about Delaware County Dept. of 
Social Services Commissioner Moon, indicated that his "educational" 
family planning program with Planned Parenthood is funded 90 percent by 
the Federal government, 5 percent by the State, and 5 percent by the 
County.  This is the same rate as cited above (#2) for medical family 
planning services.
     6) The 1993 NEW YORK STATE STATISTICAL YEARBOOK (18th ed.) written 
by the Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government (tel. 518-443-5788), 
included a Medical Assistance Expenditures Table on page 387.  This table 
listed 1990 Family Planning expenditures, by county, which totaled 
$40,638,956.  While all of this money did not go to Planned Parenthood, 
much of it did go towards fueling the contraceptive/abortion mentality, 
thus promoting a culture of death.

     In conclusion, this study, while not exhaustive, does indicate that 
enormous amounts of tax money finds its way to Planned Parenthood under 
the Medicaid program in New York State.  This money goes for educational, 
social, and medical family planning services as well as for abortions and 
general health care.
     Individual counties, even if they do not directly fund Planned 
Parenthood via a line item in their budgets, do indirectly fund Planned 
Parenthood with local tax money via the county's share of Medicaid 
payments to Planned Parenthood affiliates.  Thus grass roots opposition 
to local county tax money's going to Planned Parenthood is justified.  
Local groups opposed to Planned Parenthood can obtain county specific 
data by sending the attached FOIL request form letter to the NYS Dept. of 
     Those opposed to Planned Parenthood are urged to publicize such 
county specific data and the fact that county taxes pay half the cost of 
local Medicaid abortions.  Get your County Commissioner of Social 
Services to admit to these facts and protest to county officials via 
letters and/or picketing. When such officials counter by saying they are 
only following New York State mandates, ask them to formally go on record 
with a request to the State to change these mandates.
     However, most Medicaid family planning funding (90%) is coming from 
the Federal government so Federal representatives should be urged to cut 
such funding.  Hopefully such cuts will cause State and Local family 
planning programs to wither.  This top down approach, while most 
deserving of our efforts, should not preclude grass roots efforts aimed 
at ending Planned Parenthood funding at the local county level in New 
York State.
* (Tables 1 & 2) The author does not know if the Margaret Sanger Center 
is a Planned Parenthood affiliate.  He believes this Center to be located 
in New York City and is puzzled as to why there seems to be no New York 
City Planned Parenthoods listed on the State's "MARS 19".  Perhaps there 
are aliases which do not contain the words "Planned Parenthood?"  If 
anyone can shed light upon this matter please contact me at the address 
listed below. Thanks.
** (Table 2)  Seneca County Dept. of Social Services Commissioner Charles 
Schillaci listed the Family Planning Services of the Finger Lakes as a 
Planned Parenthood organization (6/13/96 FOIL response).  Furthermore, 
Ontario County's "MARS 19" for the previous year (SFY 1994), lists a 
Planned Parenthood Finger Lakes with the exact same provider number that 
this year's statewide "MARS 19" lists for Family Planning Services of the 
Finger Lakes.
*** (Table 3) Jefferson County Dept. of Social Services Commissioner 
Stephen P. Lyman listed the Circle Program as a Planned Parenthood 
program in his 6/12/96 FOIL response.
Please direct questions and updates to:
Edward Szymkowiak
The Gift of Life League
(A STOPP International Coalition Against Planned Parenthood affiliate)
73 East Front St.
Hancock, NY 13783
Tel: 607-637-2330
Feb. 1997
County specific "MARS 19" Freedom of Information Law request form letter 
follows on next page.
Records Access Officer
NYS Department of Health
Corning Tower, Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12237
Dear Records Access Officer:
Under the provisions of the New York Freedom of Information Law, Article 
6 of the Public Officers Law, I hereby request the following records:
A copy of the Management and Administrative Report System (MARS) Report 
MR-0-19, for the County of                      for the State fiscal 
year            for ONLY the Provider Type Categories of 
Clinic-Freestanding, C/THP (Child/Teen Health Program), and Prepaid Care.
If there are any fees for copying the records requested, please supply 
the records without informing me if the fees are not in excess 
of           , otherwise please inform me of the cost before sending the 
records requested.
As you know, the Freedom of Information Law requires that an agency 
respond to a request within five business days of receipt of a request.  
Therefore I would appreciate a response as soon as possible and look 
forward to hearing from you shortly.  If for any reason any portion of my 
request is denied, please inform me of the reasons for the denial in 
writing and provide the name and address of the person or body to whom an 
appeal should be directed.
Thank you.

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