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Delaware County Right to Life

Opposes Delaware County Contract with Planned Parenthood

For several years Delaware County Right to Life has opposed a written agreement that the Delaware County Department of Social Services has with Planned Parenthood Association of Delaware & Otsego Counties (PPADOC) to provide family planning education services to persons in Delaware County. Originally this program would apparently provide services to anyone, however, after the protests began, it was restricted to only those who qualified for such services under the NYS social services law (Part 463 of 18 NYCRR). The protests consisted of letter writing to newspapers and members of the Delaware County Board of Supervisors. DCRTL has also picketed Board meetings and William R. Moon, the Commissioner Social Services, who has used his position to further Planned Parenthood's agenda in Delaware County. In addition, this issue has been brought before the County Board of Supervisors at their annual budget hearings by DCRTL members.

Delaware County contract with Planned Parenthood (page 1(jpg)) (page 2(jpg))

In the course of the debate, Commissioner Moon revealed that in addition to county tax money going to Planned Parenthood ($12,900 in 2000, $12,300 in 2001, $9,600 in 2002) county tax money also pays half the cost of Medicaid abortions for qualifying county residents. An outgrowth of DCRTL's fight against Moon's agreement with PPADOC was an extensive research paper investigating what other NYS counties do to comply with the NYS law (New York State Medicaid Funds to Planned Parenthood (SFY 1995)). The upshot is that many NYS counties comply with Social Services Regulations for family planning education WITHOUT having a special written agreement with Planned Parenthood.

Freedom of information request responses from Commissioner Moon: (10/17/03 how much $(pdf)) (10/24/03 contract clarification (pdf)) (10/17/02 cover letter (jpg)) (10/17/02 how much $ (jpg)) 9/27/01 how much $ (jpg))

DCRTL supporters are urged to contact Commissioner Moon and the County Board of Supervisors and request that the un-required agreement with Planned Parenthood be ended. It serves to funnel people to Planned Parenthood. Delaware County can comply with Social Services regulations without such a written agreement, as do many other counties in NYS.

Planned Parenthood quarterly reports to Delaware County: (3rd 2003(pdf)) (2nd 2003(pdf)) (1st 2003(pdf)) (4th 2002(pdf)) (3rd 2002(jpg)) (2nd 2002(jpg)) (1st 2002(jpg)) (4th 2001(jpg)) (3rd 2001(jpg)) (2nd 2001(jpg)) (1st 2001(jpg)) (4th 2000(jpg))

Please contact the following to ask that they support this Suggested County Resolution. Chairman James Eisel, Del. Co. Board of Supervisors,111 Main St. Delhi, NY 13753, phone: 607-746-2603, fax: 607-746-7012. Commissioner William R. Moon, 111 Main St., Delhi, NY 13753, phone: 607-746-2325, fax: 607-746-6310. Click this link for each Supervisor's mail address/phone/fax. Email the County Board at:

Budget Public Hearing in County Board Room at 111 Main St. Delhi. Come voice your opposition to your tax money going to Planned Parenthood. Call 607-746-2603 for date and time. It will probably take place in late Nov or early Dec.

Regional Newspapers - Please send Letters to the Editor

Oneonta Daily Star, 102 Chestnut Street,Oneonta, NY 13820, Fax: 607-432-5847

Press & Sun-Bulletin, P.O. Box 1270,Binghamton, NY 13902, Fax: 607-798-1113

The Walton Reporter, 181 Delaware St.,Walton, NY 13856, Fax: 607-865-8983

Delaware County Times, 56 Main St., Delhi, NY 13753, Fax: 607-746-3135

Catskill Mountain News, P.O. Box 515, Arkville, NY 12406, Fax: 845-586-2366

Mountain Eagle, P.O. Box 278, Stamford, NY 12167, Fax: 607-652-5253

Hancock Herald, 45 1/2 East Front St., Hancock, NY 13783, Fax: 607-637-4383

Deposit Courier, 24 Laurel Bank Ave., Deposit, NY 13754, Fax: 607-467-5330

Tri-Town News, Sidney, NY 13838, Fax: 607-563-7118

The Evangelist, 40 N. Main Avenue, Albany, NY 12203-1422, Fax: 518-453-8448

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