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July 13, 1999



Planned Parenthood's director in Oneonta, Debra Marcus, was interviewed on Channel 34 TV News (Binghamton) on 6/21/99 about the closing of her clinic in Hancock, NY.

She claimed pro-life protests at the site had nothing to do with the closing. On the contrary, she said the protests made the clinic more visible, and "we hardly had to spend anything on advertising." If this ludicrous claim is true, Marcus will be happy to see pro-lifers praying and picketing at her other clinics.

Marcus also claimed PP was leaving Hancock due to operating costs and that in " the last six years, a number of other providers have come in." Who? When? Hancock's Delaware Valley Hospital clinic was here before PP. In fact, PP was using DVH's facilities until DVH booted them out in both Hancock and Walton after pro-life protests in 1993-4.

On 7/8/99, I spoke to Stanley Lease, whose son was renting space to PP in Hancock since 1994. Stanley said his son would not renew PP's lease. So again, Planned Parenthood has been booted out of a Hancock facility.

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Edward Szymkowiak, V. Pres.

Delaware County Right to Life