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Channel 34 News, Binghamton, NY

Eleven O'clock Report

(Behind Anchor Steve Craig appears photo of a map showing Binghamton and Hancock with the heading "Clinic Closes." This switches to a shot showing the phrase "twin tiers tonight"). Text transcribed from videotape missing Craig's first few words about prayer.

Craig: …what abortion opponents are saying tonight. Covering the twin tiers, the clinic was opened only one day a month and served about a dozen patients, but no more as of the fifteenth of this month. According to Planned Parenthood director, (switch to exterior shot of former clinic with caption "Hancock" "Hancock Clinic Closes") the services it provided are being duplicated by other health care providers although often at a higher cost to low income women. (Show shot of a sign which reads Planned Parenthood, 37 Dietz St. 432-2250.) People who oppose the clinic's abortion referrals see the closing as nothing less than an answer to their prayers.

(Shot of Linda Szymkowiak under whom appears the caption "Linda Szymkowiak" "Protested Clinic" "Hancock Clinic Closes.")

Szymkowiak: We certainly believe through our prayers, through the praying of the rosary, through devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Blessed Mother that all of that together, yes, we believe that that was a major influence in their leaving our community.

Craig: (Voice over as Szymkowiak is seen with two of her children) Linda, her husband Edward and a handful of others used to picket the Hancock Planned Parenthood clinic. (Close with exterior shot of former clinic.)

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